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Safety Information

Safety Profile

TheraCIM (Nimotuzumab) is different from other anti-EGFR treatments on its excellent safety profile. All adverse events were mild to moderate. No patient developed severe skin rash or other skin reactions.

Events highlighted in orange above are common side-effects of anti-EGFR antibodies.

  • Information from four completed clinical trials. Data collection ongoing.
  • Information obtained from Erbitux® and Vectibix® product labels and company websites.
  • BSC = best supportive care
  • June 6, 2008 FDA Action Letter on cetuximab
  • STEPP trial 2008 29% post-preemptive treatment

In over 7,000 patients treated with nimotuzumab worldwide in numerous cancer indications, there have been very few reports of Grade 3/4 rash and rare occurrences of the other severe toxicities frequently reported with other EGFR-targeting agents. The absence of acneform rash to date and the rare instances of any of the other debilitating side-effects holds the potential for nimotuzumab to become best-in-class for this important family of EGFR-targeting agents.