HCP | Theracim Attributes

Theracim Attributes

  • Less immunogenic than the murine antibody
  • The humanized antibody is remarkably less immunogenic than the murine antibody.


  • Lower incidence of hypersensitivity
  • Hypersensitivity reactions are rare after nimotuzumab treatment, due to a low anti-idiotypic response to the antibody.

    Pre-medication for hypersensitivity is generally not required

  • Intermediate affinity binding
  • TheraCIM binds to EGFR with intermediate affinity 108 and 109 M causing high tumour uptake and low uptake in normal tissue. This results in effective EGFR blockade without causing deleterious effects on the skin, because the optimal dose is far lower than the toxic dose.


  • Good safety profile
  • Pre-laboratory monitoring before TheraCIM is generally not required
    Well tolerated: In particular indications, TheraCIM can be use in longer duration for mainstay therapy.

  • Simple dosing
  • TheraCIM is administered intravenously for 30-60 minutes.
    TheraCIM does not need a loading dose.
    TheraCIM has standard dose per patient.

Activity of Anti-EGFR ABS